Do you need a break, a brew, and a bite to eat with friendly folk?

Do you need a break, a brew, and a bite to eat with friendly folk?

Do you need a break, a brew, and a bite to eat with friendly folk?

People who will lift your spirits in a light-hearted way but have all been where you are now and will listen and genuinely care about supporting you?

If the answer is yes to some or all these things, you’ve always wanted to visit Cornerstone’s Hub in Hartlepool.

Its weekly drop-in welcomes all-comers from 1 pm to 4 pm each Monday and as well as help to access housing, welfare benefits, apply for a bus pass, or to sign up to a doctor (General Practitioner – GP) you can get sometimes get free Dominos pizza or access our food and clothing banks.

Staff, volunteers, and other visitors at the Cracket know how tough life can sometimes sharing the load makes it feel a lot lighter

Everyone at the Cracket will help each other with signposting to other helpful services in the area depending on your needs such as with mental health, debt, or addictions.

Whatever your needs, there’s no doubt we’ve been there in that need too at some stage so we know where to go and how tough it feels sometimes.

Even if you feel fine, your experience could help someone else, and what better feeling is there than that?

A group just for women and dealing with female issues and challenges runs on Monday 12-noon to 1 pm and Thursday 12-noon to 1.30 pm They offer support, telephone access, internet access, signposting, food, and clothing donations, and always provide a meal
Feel free to drop in for a chat today
Any questions feel free to get in touch via our social media or   01429 598824

Find all the services at The Cracket on Facebook #CornerstoneSH

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