Volunteering with Cornerstone…

Volunteering with Cornerstone…
…in any part of the charity will always be a very smart move for your future job prospects.

Cornerstone employs a specialist trainer of volunteers to make sure those who contribute to the valuable work we all do get the benefits they deserve too.

Our Volunteer Coordinator has devised training in job fields such as retail, delivery driving, maintenance, and project work. Everyone begins at the same point and will be guided through a series of learning stages where the hours you put in contribute directly to your level of responsibility and skill levels.

By volunteering with us, you will be helping to end homelessness and rough sleeping and making life far brighter and fairer for people who are suffering right now.

Sound good? Call the team on 01429 682072 email natalielithgo.cornerstone@gmail.com alternatively message on our Facebook page #CornerstoneSH https://www.facebook.com/CornerstoneSH

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