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Why buy a Cornerstone shed or Summerhouse

* We only use 50mm x 50mm treated framing. NOT the 50mm x 25mm or 38mm x 38mm untreated used by other manufacturers.

* Our framing is spaced at 450mm NOT 600mm.

* We use thick high strength polyester roof felt. NOT thin shed felt.

* All our corners and roof edges are trimmed with timber to prevent water ingress.

* All our corners and roof edges are trimmed with timber to prevent water ingress.

* The lowest point of our ceilings are 6 foot NOT 5 foot 6 or less allowing all the floor space to be used.

* We use thick UV protected poly carbomate in our windows so they don’t do milky in sunlight, and cant be broken.








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3 reviews for Sheds

  1. J Cauldwell

    Took delivery of a large, pent style shed built to our specified size a couple of weeks ago. Very sturdy, well built and excellent quality. We chose Cornerstone as we bought garden furniture from them a couple of years ago which is of the same very high quality, much better quality than you see in some major suppliers. The men who delivered and erected it were very efficient and friendly. Top qjuality product, extremely competitive price and the added bonus of helping a needy cause.

  2. Frederick Anderson

    I’m the proud owner of a little beauty of a shed which was erected for me by Cornerstones two months ago. The value Cornerstones offers in their bespoke service (tell them what you want and they’ll provide it – within reason) is astounding. T&G timber floors, T&G timber roof, solid timber frame and top-quality cladding with not a skinny fibre-board sheet in sight. This is genuine value for money and a genuinely honest quality service. If you need a shed, get one here. If you don’t need a shed, hell, get one anyway – you never know what the future holds.
    Oh, yes – courteous service and two really nice guys who knew how to erect a shed. All good!

  3. George

    You will never get a shed as good as a Cornerstone shed! Believe me, no one builds a shed to such a high quality. Solid frame and very good tongue and groove timber. Standard and bespoke designs to suit you.
    I’ve seen sheds at garden centres and other sites for the same price but the quality has been so inferior to a Cornerstone shed. Excellent customer service and the fitting team very professional and friendly.
    Excellent value!
    I really recommend Cornerstone and they support charities.

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