We are delighted to welcome Lyndsey Barnes as our team’s new coordinator of volunteers LYNDSEY will operate in a pivotal role as part of Cornerstone’s plans to support its communities.
The impact of COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns on communities already living with economic, social and environmental deprivation has been heavy and sustained in the past 11 months or so. In March last year, and with this in mind, Cornerstone was planning its response to support these communities further when they need it most.
The charity began work to empower communities by helping them to help themselves with plans drawn up to expand the size and quality of its facilities to match demand for support services and volunteering opportunities with employment training built in.
A new coordinator of volunteer training was seen as a key role in delivering and sustaining this service. The coordinator would assist management in overseeing the growth of the project, draw in the community and its other asset services, and help them to develop the skills to provide a community resource centre in which they had a genuine sense of ownership and power. Cornerstone secured funding from Tudor Trust to help it to deliver this plan for the community in Hartlepool.  Lyndsey – who has an excellent background in training and education delivery – said she was very happy to join Cornerstone and looking forward to overcoming the challenges ahead. She said: “Its been lovely to join the Cornerstone team and I feel very welcome and at home already. I’m really excited to build on what has already been started and taking the Cracket forward. “I will be working with volunteers and supporting them to gain skills experience and qualifications.
“There are so many people out there with a tremendous amount to give. We as a team are determined to give them the best chance possible to reach their full potential.

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